Floyd Grey

According to Rolnik (2012), “Floyd Grey is a fashion illustrator from Kuala Lumar.”

Grey’s style is distinctive due to the simplicity and minimalistic approach he used in his illustrations. Hoek uses black lines to outline the figure and adds blocks of bright colour to the garments of his illustrations. This block of colour makes his illustrations unique and eye-catching.

Grey begins his illustrations by sketching and using a range of mediums e.g. pen, ink, watercolour. Using Photoshop he edits his illustrations to provide a cleaner image.

I love how Grey’s illustration below captivates onlookers as the bright red dress draws the eye towards the image. It appears that the illustrator uses fine art pencils to outline the details of the fashion figure. It is unclear as to what technique Grey used to add colour to


both the dress and hat. In my opinion, the illustrator has used acrylic paints and fine art pencils to achieve this completed depiction.

floyd-grey-tumblr_m2xnlceogm1qd9lgao1_1280-565x7911Below I have attempted to recreate this illustration. I have documented the process using photographs. I did not focus on a particular area of this illustration, as I feel that in order to achieve a similar simplistic and unique fashion figure,  I needed to recreate the depiction as a whole.


Firstly, I roughly sketched the outline of the fashion figure using pencil. I then used HP, 2B and 6B pencils to add tone to the flesh of the figure. The tones highlighted the shadows and facial features on the figure.


I then applied several layers of acrylic paint to both the dress, boots and hat of the figure. Once the paint dried, I applied white acrylic paint to highlight areas where light would fall on the garment and hat. I then used a fountain pen to define shadowed areas.


Overall, I am please with the final outcome. This process has made me aware of how various medium techniques such as pencil, paint and pens can be used to achieve a unique and simplistic illustration. If I were to repeat this process, I would use a different approach to painting the garments which feature in the illustration, as I feel I did not obtain the same effect Grey had. Furthermore, I feel that my illustration could have been improved if I had of used a thinner fine art pen. If I were to repeat this process I would use Photoshop to sharpen my illustration.