Developing my final illustration: style 2

As I was disappointed with the final outcome of my first style development illustration, I decided to recreate another one.


I decided to use one of Alison Hansen’s illustrations and use various mediums and techniques from my other two chosen illustrators, to help me understand what colours and techniques would work well together.


I did not add colour to the skin tone of my figure as I wanted to create a focus on the garments illustrated and obtain an impactful depiction.  I painted the lips of my illustration bright red as this is an ongoing characteristic of Grey’s artwork. Grey mainly uses grey, black and red tones in his illustrations. I decided to use a similar colour palette as Grey as I used pastel colours in my previous style development illustration.

img_1530I applied pink and red water colour paint to the skirt of my illustration. In addition, I added small dot detail to the skirt as this is used on occasion in Curzi’s illustrations.

img_1531I then added red strips and black dots to the skirt of my illustration. I feel that the stripe marks were slightly too think. I should have used a thinner brush to apply the stripes.




Curzi applies thick layers of paint to her illustrations and applies water to create a distorted look. I applied this technique to the handbag of my figure. I feel that this technique requires more practice in order to obtain a better result. In addition, I feel that I would have achieved a better result if I had of used a simpler print, when using this technique.


Curzi adds detail to the background of her illustrations using water colour paints, the colours she uses are consistent to the colours she uses on her garments. Therefore, I applied this same effect to this illustration. I love the effect this created as it adds more detail and provides a stronger impact.


I used a fine art pen to outline areas where there was shadow and different features on the illustration e.g. eyes, legs and creases in the garment. I feel that the black pen mark has provided a professional look to the illustration and helps to create a more impactful image.

In conclusion, I am pleased with the final outcome as I feel I have achieved a good quality illustration which combines the techniques and mediums used by all three illustrators. I will use this as guidance to help me create my final illustration.