Final Illustration: Zoe

The research conducted on three fashion illustrators has allowed me to develop my own personal style. I observed the characteristics which feature in Floyd Grey, Lucia Curzi and Alison Hanson’s illustrations and identified which techniques and mediums would work well together. My personal style was developed and inspired on this basis.

img_1545The thin elongated body was inspired by Curzi’s designs, this acted as the base in which I could build upon. I then added clothing and accessories such as a scarf, sunglasses and handbag. Accessories such as this, often featured in Hanson’s designs. This was one of the main features I loved about her illustrations.


Once I drew the outline of my fashion figure, I added pink and yellow tones using watercolour paints to my illustration. I used a large rounded brush to add the base colours first. I then used a flat square headed brush to apply colour and allow me to build and strengthen certain areas of my design.


I continued to add colour using watercolour paints, using the same technique. Dots featured in both Curzi and Hanson’s illustrations, therefore I added this detail to the handbag of my illustration.


Once I finished painting, I used a black fine art pen to add detail to the garments and figure of my illustration. I used it to define areas where creases would occur in the fabric. This technique was used in both Hanson and Grey’s illustrations. In addition, I used this technique throughout the process of developing my own personal style. I also used the black fine art pen for the hair of my fashion figure. In grey’s illustrations he only applied colour to the garments which featured in his designs and used black pen to define features on the face, neck and legs etc. I chose to use this technique as I wanted to create an illustration which was focused on the clothing. I then added colour to the background of my fashion figure to make it more prominent. The colours I used were consistent with the ones which featured in the garment and accessories of my design. The depiction below illustrates my final design.



I decided to name my illustration Zoe to make it more personal. Naming illustrations was an aspect I loved about Alison Hanson’s artwork.

I am absolutely delighted with the final outcome of my illustration. I feel that the techniques and mediums I combined, complimented each other in my design. In addition, I like how the clothes are more prominent than any other aspect of my illustration. I feel that I have created a fresh, unique and captivating design.