Lucia Emanuela Curzi

Lucia Emanuela Curzi is a fashion and beauty focused illustrator based in London. She specialises in this form of illustration and works for editorial, advertising and textile clients. Curzi worked as an illustrator for advertising for four years before winning her first award of Company High Street Edit Fashion Illustration Competition. Since then, Curzi has been commissioned by a wide number of fashion publications around the world and exhibited her work in leading London Museums e.g. Victoria and Albert. Lucia has obtained a BA in Media Design and continued her learning by successfully completing courses at the London College of Fashion. Mold, (1997)

Lucia creates a collage using photographic images before beginning her illustrations to help influence her work. Lucia prefers to work firstly on paper using a variety of different mediums e.g. watercolour, pastels, pens or acrylics on paper. The illustrator uses Photoshop to perfect her work. Mold (1997)

Lucia’s client list includes Vogue, Selfridges, Kurt Geiger, Boots and The Sunday Times Style Magazine.

Lucia’s illustration style features ladies with elongated legs, elegant lines strong black ink marks and splashes of colour.

The illustration below is one of Lucia’s more detailed depictions. It would appear that Lucia has drawn her figure and added grey and black shadows, using watercolour paints. In addition, she has added splashes of colour to the garment of her illustration, using watercolour. The illustrator uses black pen to add detail to her depiction. elle61    I have attempted to recreate the dress of this illustration as I love the detail and techniques used. I have documented each stage of the process to complete my illustration.

Using a HP pencil I traced around the dress and added grey watercolour detail. I continued to build up the base colours of mustard, browns and blacks.


When I was finished using watercolours to build up the base of the dress, I added detail using colouring pencils. This added to the illustration as it provided more detail and strengthened the colour. I then used a 0.3 fine art pen to outline the figure and add detail to complete my illustration.


I am disappointed with the end result as I feel that it does not capture the precise detail as the original illustration. I have never used watercolour paints before and I feel that if I had of practiced more the end result would have been better. In addition, I feel that the illustration I was attempting to recreate was too detailed for me. I found it difficult to control the paint and obtain the colours Lucia used in her illustration. If I were to repeat this process I would attempt to use a less detailed depiction of the illustrators.