Alison Hansen

Alison Hansen is a fashion illustrator and textile designer. Hansen has previously worked in the fashion industry in theĀ USA and is now based in the UK.

Alison Hansen uses a variety of techniques to obtain her fresh illustrations. Her work consists of using hand drawing, painting and digital effects to achieve her unique illustrations.

Hansen (2017).


Alison Hansen 2017, available at

I love the blue and grey tones Hansen has used in this illustration. I feel that her depiction is captivating because of the minimalistic approach she used in her designs. In addition, I like how the illustrator has named her fashion figures, as it adds personality to her depictions.


The first step was to lightly sketch around the figure. I feel that I used the wrong pencil when tracing as the lines of my illustration were quite harsh.


I used water colour paints to add colour to the depiction.


When I finished adding colour to the illustration, I used black pen to add detail to the fashion figure.

Overall, I am pleased with the final outcome of my recreation of Hansen’s fashion illustration. If I were to repeat this process I would focus more on building up the colour using watercolour paints. I believe that my attempt is similar and represents Hansen’s style well.