Design Challenges

One of the main issues I had was when I was trying to create my blog. I found it difficult at first to understand how to navigate my way around WordPress. For example I struggled with understanding how to create a post and add photographs etc. However, when I started to use the site more it became more apparent as to how to use this blog site.

I found the process of developing my personal illustration style quite daunting, as I was required to observe and recreate three professional fashion illustrators designs. When I was recreating Lucia Curzi’s illustration I found it difficult as I had never used watercolour paint prior to this. It took time and patience for me to understand how to apply this medium to my illustrations. However, I feel that now I understand the concept of using this type of┬ámedium. In addition, I found it difficult to obtain the colours I required when mixing them together. However, this issue could be the result of not having a range of watercolour paints available.

In addition, I think my illustration’s could be improved if I used Photoshop to enhance and develop them more. I will take this into consideration when drawing other illustrations.